RULES Reservation payment

To secure the booking the guest must pay the total amount of the booking either by bank transfer or credit card to Holiday Homes Canarias. In case that the guest has made the booking through an intermediary, the guest must pay the payment directly to the intermediary according to their booking conditions. Payment must always be made prior to arrival at the holiday accommodation.


The guest must pay a security deposit of 300 € by bank transfer or credit card to Holiday Homes Canarias. In case the guest has made the booking through an intermediary, the guest must follow the instructions of the intermediary according to their booking conditions. The payment of the booking deposit is mandatory and has to be paid before arrival at the holiday accommodation.The guest declares that he/she has been informed about the conditions and characteristics of the holiday accommodation and that he/she is expressly obliged to maintain it in good condition during his/her stay and to hand it over in the same condition as he/she received it, including the furniture and furnishings. He / she is responsible for the replacement and repair of any loss or damage that may be attributable to him/her. The guest hereby confirms of guaranteeing the payment of damages caused by him / her. If no damage is caused to the holiday accommodation, the deposit will be returned to the guest. The refund is made no later than 14 days after the date of departure.

Cleaning fee

This contract includes the cleaning services of the rented holiday accommodation, consisting of changing towels, preparing the beds and other general cleaning functions and is a one-off fee. On the day of departure, the guest must leave the holiday accommodation in a reasonable state of cleanliness. This means that the crockery (plates, glasses, cutlery and other kitchen utensils) and the barbecue must be clean. The guest must take out the rubbish and dispose of it in the official rubbish bins. It is forbidden to leave rubbish in the holiday accommodation or to throw it outdoors or in nature. In case the holiday accommodation is not in an acceptable condition, an additional cleaning fee of 150€ will be charged. This charge will be deducted from the deposit paid. 

Administration fee

The administration fee amounts to 25€ and is established to cover check-in and check-out costs.

Check-in and Check-Out

Standard check-in time is 16:00, while check-out time is at 10:00. An early check-in and late check-out depends on availability and may include an additional cost. Holiday Homes Canarias will hand over the key of the holiday accommodation at a time previously agreed with the guest who has to inform Holiday Homes Canarias 30 minutes before his/her arrival at the holiday accommodation. The key handover time is until 20.00. In case of a check-in outside these hours, an additional charge of 20€ will be applied. On the day of departure, the guest must leave the keys on the table inside the holiday accommodation and close all doors and windows.

Identification of the guests

Article 8.2 of the Canary Islands Holiday Dwellings Regulations, approved by Decree 113/2015, of 22 May, includes the obligation of owners and operators of holiday accommodations to send information to the General Police Directorate regarding the guests staying at their property. The publication in the BOE of Royal Decree 933/2021, of 26 October, establishes that all people over fourteen years of age who use the holiday accommodation must fill in and sign the entry forms, in accordance with the system and model established. In the case of guests under fourteen years of age, their details shall be provided by the person of legal age who accompanies them. Prior to the commencement of the activity and in accordance with the procedure, the obligated parties have to notify the competent authorities of the guest data. This communication has to be made immediately, and in any case within a period not exceeding 24 hours, respectively, from the following moments: a) When the reservation is made or the contract is formalised or, where appropriate, cancelled, b) At the start of the services.

Number of guests and visits

It is not allowed to occupy the booked holiday accommodation with a number of guests exceeding the maximum number of guests offered or allowed. All guests must comply with the rules and regulations of the holiday accommodation. If a person who is not registered as a guest wishes to spend the night at the holiday accommodation, this must be communicated and approved, and will be subject to an extra fee. At all times the guest must respect the sanitary measures and the maximum occupancy established by the Government, and especially the one that mentions the absolute prohibition of any type of social gathering/celebration inside the accommodation, as well as in the exterior annexes to the same.

Noise and neighbourhood

The guest must keep noise to a minimum to avoid disturbing other residents in the area, especially during the hours when they may be sleeping (22h to 8h). Excessive noise and parties are forbidden at all times and may lead to termination of the stay, eviction and forfeiture of the full amount paid for the stay. It is strictly forbidden to behave in a disrespectful manner towards the neighbours.


Holiday Homes Canarias has three car parks available for the guests. Two car parks are located in El Porís and one in La Listada. The car parks are shared between all guests. Holiday Homes Canarias cannot offer the exclusive right to use them. In case there is no free parking, the public car parks are within walking distance from the accommodations.


Whenever the guest is in or leaves the holiday accommodation, it is the guest's own responsibility to ensure that windows and doors are securely closed to maintain the place safe and prevent damage from rain or theft. The guest will have to switch off lights, fans and electronic devices when they are not needed, in order to save energy.

Swimming pool

In case that the holiday accommodation has a swimming pool, the guest may use it during the entire stay. For safety reasons, the use of glass objects near the swimming pool is not permitted.


The awnings may only be used when the guests are in the holiday accommodation and must be attached to the bars provided for proper fastening. If the guests are not in the holiday accommodation the awnings must be closed, and the same applies at night. In case the awning is broken during the stay, a charge of 300€ will be applied.


Smoking is not permitted inside the holiday accommodation. Smoking tobacco, electronic cigarettes or other products that produce vapour or smoke is only permitted in the outside areas of the holiday accommodation. If the guest smokes inside the holiday accommodation, Holiday Homes Canarias must do a special cleaning to remove the smell of tobacco and an extra charge of 150€ will be applied.


Guests may bring their pets with them at no extra cost. Damage caused by pets may lead to a reduction of the security deposit depending on the damage caused.


Guests must leave the barbecue in a clean state after use and at the end of the stay. Failure to do so will result in a penalty of 150€.


The access to the Wi-Fi is free of charge and is provided within the holiday accommodation. The guest is responsible to use their own computer or mobile device to access the Internet. Holiday Homes Canarias does not directly provide any type of technical or technological assistance. The speed of access and reliability of the service may vary or it might even be impossible to access the Internet depending on numerous factors, including but not limited to: the capabilities of the guests device, the quality of the Wi-Fi signal itself depending on the location from which the guest wants to connect, the number of users connected simultaneously, etc.. For this reason, Holiday Homes Canarias does not guarantee the guests access to the Internet at all times, nor does it guarantee continuous, secure or fault-free access. Likewise, Holiday Homes Canarias is not responsible if the access is unstable, insecure, slow or unavailable. Holiday Homes Canarias declines any responsibility that may arise from this.


In case of any complaints, the guest must inform Holiday Homes Canarias immediately in order to solve the problem as soon as possible. In case of complaints made after departure, these will not be accepted and no reduction will be applied.


In order to avoid damage to the furniture, it is not allowed to move them from one room to another. It is also strictly forbidden to use the interior furniture outside without prior consent of Holiday Homes Canarias. Non-compliance by the guests may lead to a reduction of the security deposit or the termination of the guest's stay without refund of the total amount of the reservation.